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Who I am

I often describe my style as country chic. I love the country lifestyle but with a chic edge melted in. The name pays homage to my love for the ducks I raise, but my scents and labeling capture my chic side. The candle fragrance names also reflect my love of both Alabama and Nebraska. Alabama will always have a big chunk of my heart as I have lots of friends and family there, and I love that I am able to honor it when naming my candles. Nebraska also holds my heart because of the kind people, good values and safety it provides my family. As a small business myself, it is extremely important to me to source my products from other small businesses and locally if possible. Decoy Candle Company uses natural God given ingredients made right here in the USA to support our economy and help our farmers. I also wanted to create a candle with a fragrance that would stand out and pour it into a jar that would blend in seamlessly with your decor. I hand-pour each candle and use all natural 100% pure soy wax. I also carefully choose my scents so each one is distinct and perfectly blended. I take great pride in my product and am delighted you chose my product to be a part of your home. Thank you for supporting this Nebraska girls dreams! Love each and every one of you!!